Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Final Blog Post as the Pastor of Morning Star Church

 I know. The title seems a little dramatic, but you are reading my post…so it worked! J

This Sunday is Morning Star’s 12th Anniversary Celebration and also its final service. If that sounds bittersweet, it is. For the last twelve years, Cecil and I have invested in the community and many lives through the ministry of MSC. We have enjoyed this journey! But the time for change has come. This is a new, exciting twist in the history of our church. It isn’t what we had planned, but it is so much better than we ever thought possible. After all, God’s plans are always best for us and for His Kingdom.

Over the past five months, I have been getting to know the leadership team and people at Grace Church in Fremont. Grace Church is a part of our network of churches (Next Generation Churches). To make a very long story short…God has done some incredibly, miraculous stuff over these months to bring our two churches together in partnership. This past Sunday, Grace Church voted unanimously to select me as their new lead pastor, which was done with the understanding that the congregation and staff of MSC would also join me in becoming a part of the Grace Church family!

I invite you to join us this Sunday at MSC for our final service celebration at 10:35am. I will be sharing my story of how God has brought this incredible partnership together. Getting to know the many wonderful people at Grace Church has been an incredibly meaningful experience, yet what makes this change even more meaningful is that I will be able to keep the relationships that we’ve built through the years at MSC. I am so excited to pastor this new church family!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prayer Guide for Psalm 1

As I mentioned during Sunday's services, I have posted the prayer guide here on my blog so that you can download and print it if you would like.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Start To Mega Sports Camp

117 Kids + 40 Volunteers = Awesome Start to Mega Sports Camp!
It's going to be a fun week!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Building Has Color

We are about 2 months in to the remodeling project at the new building and I wanted to give you an update. All the major construction projects are done except for stage, bathroom remodel, exterior double door entry, and exterior deck and ramp. Every part of the building received at least one coat of paint and the offices, nursery, kitchen, and main worship walls are completely done! Which means, we can start on flooring in the offices this week and should be able to start moving things in there by next Saturday. Hopefully our first service in the building will be March 30 and our Grand Opening/Anniversary Service will be April 6. So mark that date on your calendar to come and celebrate with us. There are already five that have expressed the desire to be baptized at that service and there will be a catered lunch to follow.
Huge, huge thank you to all the volunteers who have served so faithfully. If I were to guess, I think our volunteers will have saved us close to $100,000 by the time the project is finished. I love our church and how all of you have stepped up to give and serve!

Nursery Doors


Rich painting Worship Center Walls

Rocky painting Worship Center Walls

Worship Center

Zussette painting Foyer Walls

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Walls are starting to go up...

First I want to thank everyone who helped with the work day on Saturday. There was so much old building material to toss (insulation, ceiling tiles, cabinets) that we completely filled the 40 cu ft dumpster and then some. Yesterday the walls started going up and I've included shots of the media booth and half wall in the new nursery. Also we come texturing done in the offices. We believe we are still on track for holding our first service the first Sunday in March. We should be ready for a large work day on Saturday, February 8. This will be a work day for everyone including landscaping, painting, flooring and exterior work. More details will be announced on Sunday.